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What is the ideal temperature in your house?

A question that has been debated alot: what is now the ideal temperature in your house? In this blog we'll give you an answer. Small spoiler: not only the temperature is important, but also the relative humidity.

The ideal temperature inside your house is around 21-22 degrees Celsius. This can of course be different for individuals, so it’s important to find the golden ticket that suits everyone. Besides temperature, a relative humidity of 40-50% in house is important.

What are the benefits of having the perfect temperature in your house?

With a temperature of 21-22 degrees Celsius you are able  to sleep better during the night and have better fitness levels in the morning. As the house doesn’t get too hot (and thus too dry) also it reduces respiratory problems and allergic conditions. In too cold environments your heart and lungs work harder to keep your body at its ideal temperature, therefore when you have found the perfect temperature you are reducing the stress on these vital organs.

How do we get the perfect temperature?

The right temperature will depend on individual needs. When you purchase an air conditioner unit from Verda Vento you are able to heat and cooling with it as it is a heat pump. Which means it can reverse its cycles (heating and cooling). In that way you can play around with temperatures and see which one suits you.

Is temperature the most important factor?

It is a very important factor, but it’s also important to look at humidity. It’s important to maintain a relative humidity level of 40-50% in your home. If it’s too low it contributes to respiratory diseases and above 80% it becomes a breeding ground for mites and fungi.

To conclude, always look for an air conditioner that can get you the ideal temperature and also regulate your humidity. We at Verda Vento are happy to assist you on our website:
Do you want to learn more on how to select a unit on our site? Click here to read our latest blog article.

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