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What is R32 in air conditioners and why to choose it?

There is a new kid on the block and it is called R32, all large manufacturers are promoting it as the new refrigerant in the market. But what is it exactly? R32 is the preferred replacement refrigerant for R410A to reduce the environmental impact of air conditioners and improve the efficiency.

Many manufacturers are promoting it, but what exactly is R32 in the newest air conditioners? R32 is the preferred replacement refrigerant for R410A. In this short post, we’ll explain you exactly what R32 is.

Now what does a refrigerant like R32 do?

In the refrigeration cycle we use a refrigerant, which is a substance or mixture but usually a fluid. In most cycles it undergoes a phase transition from a liquid to gas and back again. This transition is the effect of cooling down or heating up your room.

Now what is exactly is the R32 refrigerant in air conditioning and why are we using it?

In order to reduce all types of greenhouse gas emissions, every sector has to contribute. This also means the construction industry, more specifically the air conditioning sector. R32 is a refrigerant developed to have a lower global warming potential (GWP) than its predecessor R410A. GWP explains the impact on the global warming potential in case the refrigerant is released in the atmosphere. Air conditioners with R32 have a lower GWP (1/3) and also require less refrigerant charge than its predecessors. This means that you can actually reduce your impact up to 75% compared to the older units. Now reducing your impact on the environment is one thing, but all the units we are offering are more efficient than R410A units which means also on your electricity bill you are saving money.

R32 reduces the global warming impact with 66% and requires 25% less refrigerant charge.

Why does Verda Vento only offer R32 in its air conditioners?

Our mission is to promote energy efficient equipment to the end users in a sustainable way. This also means that we will always be at the forefront of promoting new environmental-friendly technology. Feel free to read more about our company on: Verda Vento – Who are we?

What about other refrigerants?

Companies like Daikin are always researching new potential refrigerants as part of their environmental responsibility. We at Verda Vento will always look at new refrigerants to promote in case they are safe both for the enduser and our planet.

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