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Most Energy-Efficient Aircon of 2024

Summers are getting warmer, winters are getting colder and gas is getting more expensive! That makes an air conditioner essential. But are you also concerned about your energy bill and what your air conditioner is currently consuming? High electricity bills due to your aircon are a common fear. Fortunately, we explain how to buy the most energy-efficient air conditioner of 2024.
Shows a wall with a grey Daikin Emura indoor unit on next to an energy label

The search for the most energy-efficient aircon of 2024

Staying comfortable is essential in any season. Of course, this should not be accompanied by astronomical energy bills. That’s why we’re looking for the most energy-efficient air conditioner of 2024.

What are the criteria that determine the energy efficiency of your air conditioner?

Energy label

Every air conditioner has an energy label. The highest energy label your air conditioner can achieve is A+++. In South Africa, one energy label is given in both cooling and heating. However, if you look at the manufacturers’ data you’ll see that they publish 2 energy labels: one for cooling and one for heating. Our suggestion would be to always pay attention to the manufacturers’ data or trust a quality aircon installer like Verda Vento.

Shows a South African energy label for an air conditioner

Seasonal efficiency

The SEER & SCOP values give you an accurate picture of how energy-efficient your air conditioner is. This is therefore the best indicator to find the best aircon in terms of consumption. SEER shows how energy-efficient your air conditioner is in cooling, while SCOP does this for heating. You can find all these values on our website or ask our customer service and we will be happy to help you!

Cooling capacity (BTU)

This determines the power of your air conditioner. It’s important to choose an air conditioner with enough capacity for your space. Too big will cause unnecessary consumption. While too small will cause insufficient cooling and heating. Therefore, always use the Verda Vento aircon simulator or schedule a free air conditioning consultation with Verda Vento.

Factors that influence the energy consumption of your air conditioner

Of course, there are also a number of factors that can influence consumption, even if you buy a very energy-efficient air conditioner. Take a look at the factors that influence the electricity consumption of your air conditioner below:

Room size

If you increase the size of your space, you require a larger capacity air conditioner. Of course, larger capacity also means that your aircon will consume more electricity. That’s why it’s important to always choose the correct size of your air conditioner. Not sure? Schedule a free technical consultation or use our aircon simulator for advice within 30 seconds.


The insulation of your home has an impact on the energy consumption of your air conditioner. The better the house is insulated, the more efficient the air conditioning will work. Houses that are insufficiently insulated cause greater energy loss, so the air conditioner has to produce extra power to keep the room at the right temperature.

Duration of use

Are you going to use the air conditioner 24/7 or only an hour before going to sleep? Of course, your use also determines how much your air conditioner costs in terms of electricity. In our aircon simulator, you can enter all this detail and immediately get an idea of your electricity consumption.


Dirty filters can double your electricity consumption, which is why it’s important to clean your filters monthly. In addition, it is important to book annual air conditioning maintenance.

Shows a Verda Vento Technician with a writing board next to a Daikin aircon outdoor unit and wall-mounted aircon

Yearly maintenance of your aircon can prevent an increase in consumption.

What are the types of air conditioning and which is the most economical?

Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners are plug and play devices. You buy them at any electrical wholesaler (like Game or Makro) and you can cool or heat your space almost instantly. Unfortunately, they also come with quite some drawbacks, including very high electricity consumption compared to other technologies.

Window aircons

A window air conditioner cools your space in a way that is similar to that of a portable air conditioner. The main difference, however, is in mobility: a window unit is permanently mounted in your window, while a mobile air conditioner can be moved freely. Again, the energy consumption is usually higher than a standard split air conditioner.

Split or multi-split air conditioner

A split air conditioner consists of an indoor unit and outdoor unit. In the case of a multi-split air conditioner, you have one outdoor unit and up to 5 indoor units.

In the summer, it works like a heat pump that extracts warm air from your room and repels it through the refrigerant to the outdoor unit.

During winter, the outdoor unit will absorb the heat in the outside air (up to -20 degrees Celsius) and transport it inside during its heating cycle. This technology is recognized as an air-to-air heat pump and is therefore very energy efficient.

Shows a couple walking in their garden and on their right a wall with a Daikin condensor


The split air conditioner or multi-split air conditioner is by far the most economical model.

Which brand in South Africa offers the most energy-efficient air conditioners?

South Africa’s air conditioning market is known to have a lot of brands present and there is a solution for every budget.

Below are the most popular aircon brands in South Africa:

  • Daikin
  • Samsung
  • Alliance
  • LG
  • Midea
  • GREE

Of course when there are so many brands available in the market, it might be difficult to choose your air conditioning supplier. At Verda Vento we make that choice a bit easier for you. These are important factors to consider when you choose for an aircon brand:

  • Energy consumption: do they publish SEER and SCOP data?
  • Environmental impact: does the manufacturer work with the latest R32 refrigerant?
  • Footprint: Does the manufacturer have an own operational base in South Africa to give after-sales?

Daikin is the only brand that can say ‘yes’ on all these above questions. This is why we believe buying Daikin is the only air conditioning brand that makes sense in a South African context.

We’ll explain how you can find the most energy-efficient aircon from Daikin below:

Which model is the most energy-efficient aircon of Daikin?

Daikin is known for its build quality and energy efficiency of their air conditioners. We take a look at the Daikin Sensira the new Perfera, and Emura.

Shows a table that compares the top aircon models in south africa on energy efficiency

*Based on a 12.000 BTU split air conditioner


As you can see, the Perfera is Daikin’s most energy-efficient air conditioner.

The Perfera received an update in 2024 and this is immediately visible! The SEER and SCOP have the highest values in the entire series. The device has an annual consumption of about 805kWh.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi control, you can also remotely turn the device on/off, as well as monitor your energy consumption. Finally, the occupancy sensor ensures that the device automatically switches to energy-efficient mode if there is no one in the room.

Shows the Daikin Perfera in close-up with its flaps open

Conclusion: What is the most energy-efficient aircon of 2024?

If you’re planning to buy an air conditioner, make sure you choose an economical model. The easiest way to determine this is to look at the energy label (A+++ in both cooling and heating). However, this does not give a complete picture. That’s why it’s important to look at seasonal efficiencies (SEER & SCOP). The higher this number, the more efficient your air conditioner will be.

The winner?

The Daikin Perfera is the winner with its fantastic SEER & SCOP values. With its price/quality ratio, you get the most economical air conditioner of 2024 with air purification for free.

Ready to buy the most energy-efficient aircon of 2024? You can do this in 3 ways:


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