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Buy an A+++ aircon: cool, comfortable, and economical!

Are you planning to have an air conditioner installed, but do you also want to use energy sustainably? Then an A+++ air conditioner is the solution! Not only do you enjoy pleasant temperatures in your home, but you also save a lot on your energy bill. And with winter approaching, you can even use some models to heat your home! Sounds good, right? Read on and discover the advantages of an A+++ aircon.
Shows a Daikin Emura aircon above a couch surrounded with plans and in large letters A+++ Aircon written

How does the energy label of an air conditioner work?

Every air conditioning manufacturer is required to provide the energy label with their air conditioners. With the energy label, consumers can be sufficiently informed about the most important elements of their air conditioner.

Below is an example of an energy label for an air conditioner:

Shows a South African energy label for an air conditioner

On the energy label you can find the manufacturer and the model’s name. It will then show you the energy label with A+++ being the most efficient and E the least efficient.

In addition, it also shows the annual energy consumption in cooling and the cooling capacity with the energy efficiency ratio.

Below that you will find the heating capacity and the heating performance.

There is, however, an important remark to make on the above performance. The energy efficiency shown in the South African energy label is NOT a correct reflection of your actual expected energy efficiency. A better reflection would be to look at your seasonal efficiency (SEER for cooling and SCOP for heating). Every manufacturer has this data available. Feel free to ask this from your manufacturer or installer. Of course, we at Verda Vento make this always available for our customers.

Finally, the label also gives an indication of the expected noise.

Energy labels are publicly available. If you have recently bought an air conditioner and did not receive your energy label, it is important to immediately contact your installer.

What is an A+++ aircon?

An A+++ aircon is an air conditioner that has an A+++ energy label. Please note that the energy label may differ for cooling and heating, which is unfortunately not shown on the South African standard energy label. For example, the Daikin Emura 18.000 BTU has an energy rating of A+++ in heating, but A++ in cooling. That is why it is important to look in detail at the information provided by the manufacturer. Are you mainly going to heat with your air conditioner? Then take a special look at the energy label in heating.

Of course, at Verda Vento, we give you all the information perfectly.

How can you compare different A+++ air conditioners?

Despite the same energy label, there may still be differences between air conditioners.

Energy Efficiency

Take a look at the SEER and SCOP values to see the real efficiency of the air conditioners. The higher the values, the more economical the device is.


Some air conditioners give you more capacity in cooling or heating.


The noise of air conditioners can vary greatly. This is an important indicator of your comfort.

We at Verda Vento believe in informing our customers completely. This is why we will provide all the information to our customers before they purchase.

Why choose an A+++ aircon?

A+++ air conditioners are among the most energy-efficient models on the market. This means that they use less electricity than their less efficient counterparts, resulting in lower energy bills. Moreover, you often benefit from interesting government subsidies when purchasing an A+++ aircon. This way you kill two birds with one stone: good for your wallet and good for the environment!

More than cooling

The A+++ air conditioners you buy at Verda Vento are air-to-air heat pumps. This allows you to cool as well as heat. Ideal for those crisp spring and autumn days, or as your main heating source in winter. This way you not only save on your electricity bill, but also on your gas consumption! Or you can even get away of those terribly inefficient electrical panel heaters! When purchasing, pay attention to the energy label and choose a model with a high SEER value (cooling efficiency) or SCOP value (heating efficiency) for optimal savings.

Tailor-made comfort

Modern A+++ air conditioners offer all kinds of useful features to maximize your comfort. Think of sleep modes for quiet operation during the night, automatic temperature control, smart control via your smartphone and air filtration for a healthier living environment. This way, you can create a perfect climate in your home with one device, tailored to your needs.

You can find your A+++ air conditioner online!

Do you also want to take advantage of the advantages of an A+++ aircon? On our webshop you will find a wide range of energy-efficient air conditioners, including professional installation. Choose the model that suits your needs and let our experts advise you. Together we ensure that you enjoy a pleasant climate in your home all year round, without high energy costs!

Daikin A+++ air conditioning

Daikin is known for their energy-efficient air conditioners. Thanks to their smart inverter technology and patented compressors, they have been a strong supporter of energy-efficient air conditioners for many years. Daikin Emura & Daikin Perfera are one of their best-selling A+++ air conditioners.

Click here for all Daikin A+++ air conditioners.

Daikin Emura A+++ aircon

The ultimate in comfort cooling & heating, designed with the highest quality in mind. With the new Daikin Emura, Daikin once again sets the benchmark for a residential air conditioning system. Its design speaks for itself: Daikin Emura pleases the eye and has a strong focus on comfort and user experience to improve your well-being at home. This is an aircon made for the discerned customer, the best of the best.

Daikin Perfera A+++ aircon

Daikin Perfera is a wall mounted air conditioning unit that is designed for comfort. Whatever the weather is outside, summer or winter, inside you will get the ultimate in comfort. The Perfera instinctively knows how to keep the room temperature at the ideal level. The stylishly designed front panel, whisper-quiet operation, and the perfect circulation of cooled or heated air make each room the place you really want to be. On top of that Daikin Perfera will clean your air from bacteria and viruses so that you can enjoy a healthy indoor air quality.

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