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Aircon Buying Guide at Verda Vento

Verda Vento’s platform makes it easy to select an air conditioner without the need to wait for an installer to pass by. Our smart algorithm calculates the best option for your individual needs. In this post we’ll guide you through the questions to make the process very easy and enjoyable.

The ultimate aircon buying guide at Verda Vento!

Buying an air conditioner can sometimes be daunting, at Verda Vento we want to make this process as easy as possible. In this blog we’ll explain you in detail the buying guide at Verda Vento. These will be the steps you’ll run through and answer any questions you might have.

First step: We are going to ask some questions about your building

Here you will have to indicate which type of building you are living in. The reason why we do this is to estimate potential installation challenges. For example, installation in a free-standing house gives you more flexibility than an apartment. Office applications might have different requirements than a regular house.

Depending on the room, your expected energy consumption will change. Imagine a kitchen with an oven and other electrical equipment emitting heat. This heat needs to be transferred outside to get a comfortable temperature but depending on the room we include safety factors to make sure you are getting a correctly-sized unit. A unit with too low capacity might not be able to cool down your room and a unit with too big capacity will cost you too much and will have a limited lifetime.

With this question we are simulating the size of your room in our algorithm. We assume a standard ceiling of 2.7 meters, but of course this can be adjusted. The size of the room impacts the type of air conditioner you need. For example, a very tiny room does not need the same air conditioner than a very big room. Some people might advise to choose a slightly bigger air conditioner, however this is a wrong assumption. They do not necessarily cool down your room faster and you are actually reducing its lifetime.

In case you do not know the size or can’t measure it, we are still happy to help you. Just press the button ‘I don’t know’ and we will send an installer over to help you out at no extra cost.

Even with all above parameters every room is different. In your house you have rooms that stay cool throughout summer, mainly because it doesn’t get that much sun, and on the other hand you have rooms that easily heat up. Depending on how much sun the room gets, we will choose a different air conditioner.

Second step: We are going to estimate the cost of the aircon installation.

In case you are living in an apartment or a multi-storey house we want to understand on which floor we will install the unit. Placing a unit on the ground or on the fourth floor has different requirements and we want to assure you that you have no extra costs at check-out.

Our air conditioners are split systems. Simply said: one unit is placed indoors and one unit is placed outdoors. Refrigerant piping connects both of them. We want to have an idea how far the room is from where the outdoor unit can be placed.

We are ensuring here that the electrical points are already installed before we send over an installer. In case there is no point installed, we’ll just be in touch with you before installation. You can also always contact us, and we can help you get in touch with an electrician.

Step 3: Here we estimate the consumption you will have.

One of the frequent questions we get is how much will my air conditioner cost me? And this is a very valid question where most of the suppliers will not give you a clear answer on. We try to be different, that is why in this step we are asking you how many hours in a day you expect to use the equipment. For example, if you are working in a home office 8 hours a day, the impact of your energy consumption will be much higher than using it 1 hour a day in your bedroom to cool off just before you go to sleep.

As with the previous question, your average usage impacts your electricity bill alot. If you are working 5 days out of 7 from home you might have different requirements than someone who only wants to use the air conditioner during the weekends.

Most of the people use their air conditioner only for cooling. Did you know that all our air conditioners are heat pumps and thus quite efficient in heating? Therefore, we will simulate how many months a year you’ll use them in heating. This will give you a better cost estimation.


We put all your answers in our algorithm to select the correct size of the unit you need. Then we will look at every unit that matches your need & look more in depth to the efficiency, impact on the environment, warranty and so on. We then use the best unit, based on your specific situation, to recommend to you.


If you still have any questions on our buying guide at Verda Vento, feel free to contact us at or here and we will be happy to support you further. You can also contact us on our Facebook page.

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