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7 tips for buying an air conditioner

We have listed 7 tips to help you choose the perfect air conditioner for your home. Buying an air conditioner is not something you do every day. There are alot of factors you should take into account that have an impact on your selection.

These are our 7 tips for buying an air conditioner!


Tip 1: Select the right capacity for your room

Depending on a lot of factors (like type of the room, the size, sunlight,…) your expected energy consumption will change. Imagine a kitchen with an oven and other electrical equipment emitting heat. This heat needs to be transferred outside to get a comfortable temperature but depending on the room we include safety factors to make sure you are getting a correctly-sized unit. A unit with too low capacity might not be able to cool down your room and a unit with too big capacity will cost you too much and will have a limited lifetime. Make sure that you receive a correct assessment of your room.

Tip 2: The soundlevels are also important for your comfort

Air conditioning is all about comfort and comfort is not only temperature. When you buy your air conditioner make sure you look at the sound levels of the indoor and outdoor units. The lower the dBA, the better your comfort. Make a comparison of different units before you decide on your purchase.

Tip 3: Looks

Besides being comfortable, you also want to make sure the air conditioner matches your interior. Buying an air conditioner is a decision that will have a positive impact in your daily life, that is why it’s important that also the looks are pleasent for the eye. In our range on we also offer design models that perfectly blend into any environment.

Tip 4: Installation

Air conditioning equipment is made to last for years, but in order to guarantee this you need a quality installation. A good installer is certified and has numerous references. Never buy a unit without installation.

Tip 5: Air purification

Did you know that besides cooling or heating your house, air conditioner can also purify the air? Depending on the unit you choose, they can actively clean the air through filters and ionization technology. Some units go even as far as removing pollen, dust particles & bacteria.

Tip 6: Efficiency

Air conditioners use electricity and over its lifetime this comprises 80% of the total cost. Therefore its important to choose an air conditioner with as low energy consumption as possible. To learn how to do that, read our previous blog:

Tip 7: Environmental impact

We only have one planet, and all of us need to protect it. Therefore, everytime you purchase something make sure you make an environmental informed decision. In this post we explain how to do this with air conditioner:

Besides these 7 tips for buying an air conditioner, Verda Vento offers you professional advice throughout your purchase process.

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