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5 reasons to buy an aircon at Verda Vento

Air condtioning is a competitive space where alot of players are providing aircons at rock-bottom prices. Verda Vento is different. Below we list 5 reasons why you should buy at Verda Vento and not at our cheaper competitors.

These are our 5 reasons to buy at Verda Vento

Below you can find an overview of the 5 reasons to buy an air conditioner at Verda Vento, however there are many more. It is our job to make your purchase process as easy as possible.

We care about you as a customer

When you buy at you are becoming a life-long customer of us.

We have no intention to just install an aircon and then leave as soon as possible. When you buy an air conditioner with us you become part of the Verda Vento family. What does this mean? We will always be available for our customers if they have questions like: how do I use my remote, what is the best setting to reduce my energy bill and so on. We’ll be in touch with you to remind you of your yearly service so you don’t forget. Verda Vento’s customer service approach is the reason why we are slightly higher-priced, because we believe that small difference can mean a lifetime without any worries.

Our goal is to install air conditioners not only for you, but your future generations.

The units of Verda Vento have the highest efficiencies in the market and reduce your electricity bill

It is easy to offer the cheapest unit, but that is not our market. We cater for the discerning customer that cares about its energy bill and understands that the consumption of an air conditioner is 80%, the remaning 20% is just the purchase price. Our customers understand that they have to focus on the 80% rather than the 20%. Therefore we only offer units that have the highest seasonal energy efficiencies in the market. We use seasonal energy efficiency, while our competitors just do normal energy efficiency. Read here what the difference is and why it is so important.

We work with high-quality brands

We will never compromise on our products’ quality. When you buy at Verda Vento you will receive outstanding service with an outstanding product. That is why we only work with the largest HVAC manufacturers in the world that are renowned for their quality processes. Our products are not the cheapest, but we can guarantee the best quality in the market. This premium will remove any aircon headaches you could have in the future with cheaper brands.

We offer you the best aircon installation and after-sales service in the market

Great products is one thing, but a product is only as good as its installation. At Verda Vento we use our own installers. We are not an online player that outsources it to unknown installers. Every aircon installation is installed by us and followed up closely. Afterwards we are personally responsible for any after-sales you might require.

We only offer air conditioners that are environmental friendly

Our love for the planet is absolute and we also want to educate our customers to make more environmental-friendlier decisions. When you buy an air conditioner it is important to look at the Total Equivalent Warming Impact.

We only have one planet and all of us have to chip in to take care of it.

In conclusion

Making a slightly more expensive choice at Verda Vento will not only remove any aircon worries in the future, but you will most probably save money over the lifetime of your equipment and at the same time reduce your environmental impact. We believe with these 5 reasons to buy at Verda Vento you will make the correct choice for your future air conditioning needs!

Are 5 reasons to buy from us not enough? Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a few more reasons to buy at Verda Vento.

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